Teachers Resources

Teachers’ Resource Book is a printed manual that contains additional materials for use in the classroom besides the lesson plans,teaching guidelines and answer keys for each unit.


Collins DigiSuite is an innovative digital solution for teachers.It contains three modules delivering classroom content that can be used to effectively integrate teaching and evaluation tools with the coursebooks.








The e-book includes animations, video snippets, interactive exercises, slide shows, guided tours and worksheets. The e-book reader also includes interactive teaching tools like pen tool, text highlighter, page zoom, search and bookmark.

  • The Test Generator is a question bank with a variety of questions for effective evaluation. It is an easy-to-use assessment tool for the teachers to create test papers and worksheets.
  • The Teacher’s Resource consists of lesson plans, answer keys and teaching techniques for the teachers.

    Dictionary Skills Resources 

    Online resource  that teachers can use in the classroom and parents can use at home.

    Professional development programme for Teachers

    In sync with our discerning founder Mr. William Collins’ vision to reach out to all in the education sector by providing our complete support, we have developed extensive knowledge enhancement programmes for prime educational institutions all across the globe.

    Our comprehensive and innovative skill based and need based workshops or seminars for leading schools pan-India have generated overwhelming response throughout by the teaching fraternity.

    We are privileged to have eminent authors, globally renowned scholars and well acclaimed academicians as part of our established brand and as our brand ambassadors they are providing highly skillful and enriching workshops for the teaching fraternity in schools across India. These workshops have proved extremely beneficial for the school teachers to enhance their teaching skills and made them more efficient in their classrooms. 

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