Expeditions is a comprehensive course on Environmental Studies and Social Studies for the primary school. This series for classes 1 to 5 has been designed taking into account the multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies. Following an interactive approach, the series caters for the young learners through inferential and experiential tasks, and stimulating content. The need for
sustainable development holds the key to the future of mankind and young learners need to be sensitized to it through a gradual study to build environmental and social awareness. Therefore, in sync with the requirements of the curricula, books 1 and 2 offer a course in Environmental Studies and books 3 to 5 in Social Studies.

Key Features
I Know assesses the prior knowledge of the learners.
• Observe and Reflect has pre-reading tasks that allow the learners to infer and relate to the topic.
• Fact Zone provides interesting titbits of information and Find Out tasks to encourage referencing skills
• Do It Yourself contains application-based activities for experiential learning
• Eco Zone sensitizes learners towards conservation of environment
• Word Zone, Remember and Review Zone at the end of the units facilitate understanding, recall and reinforcement, and assessment.
• Think Zone focuses on Higher Order Thinking Skills.
• Life Skills Zone equips learners with the basic skills they need to excel in life and Value Zone helps to build the right
attitudes and values in learners.
• Activity Zone has varied creative tasks and My Zone helps in self-assessment and provides interesting Pin It Up activities.

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