Canvas- Semester Course

Learners in the primary levels exhibit a natural tendency to learn by weaving all the areas of learning into one string. Canvas—An Integrated Semester Course, for classes 1 to 5, provides a comprehensive learning experience for young learners. This series of ten semester books present learning materials through an integrated, interlinked and interwoven approach, combining all the disciplines together. The core subjects—English, Mathematics, EVS/Science, Social Studies and General Knowledge in this
series are presented in an interactive way for the learner’s holistic development. Cross-curricular links have been created across the areas of learning for experiential and comprehensive development. It enables learners to understand the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and apply the same approach to problem solving. Canvas provides learning experiences with sufficient opportunity for exploration to young minds in their formative stages.

Canvas Activity Books: A series of student companion books to provide practice and reinforce the learning.

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