Breeze is an integrated semester course for classes 1 to 5 which provides a comprehensive learning experience for the young learners in their formative years. The series consists of ten semester books that use an integrated approach to learning, combining all the disciplines required at the primary level. The core subjects—English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies with General Knowledge and Value Education are presented in an interactive way for the learners’ holistic development.

key Features

English focuses on teaching communicative competence in learners through interactive exchanges using a cross-curricular approach. It offers high-quality English language materials consisting of engaging reading texts from various literary genres, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening and speaking. A separate thematic section on life skills and values aims at developing good character in learners.
Science relates to the learning of events occurring in everyday life of the students. It aims to enhance the logical and critical thinking of students. The cross disciplinary connect provides a wider platform for an integrated learning process.
Maths content aims to instill in students an urge to think, explore and analyze beyond the boundaries of textual knowledge, thus paving the way for higher deduction skills. Sections like Mental Maths, HOTS and Challenge sharpen the thinking skills of young minds and Cross-curricular links integrate knowledge across subjects.
Social Studies presents stimulating content based on an
interactive approach. The course material engages the learners with inferential and experiential tasks through Observe and reflect, Do It Yourself, Eco Zone, Find Out and Activity Zone.
General Knowledge content is designed to develop aptitude, multiple intelligences, thinking skills, life skills and build environmental awareness. The tasks cover a wide range of topics like India, sports, world, nature, science and language through interesting activities.
Value Education content encourages learners to respect diversity,exhibit leadership and display a positive attitude towards community and the nation. It sensitizes learners to real-life situations, provides pointers for problem-solving and develops their holistic personality.

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