Maths Zone

Maths Zone (Revised Edition) is a series of eight books for Classes 1 to 8. This series conforms to the vision of National Curriculum Framework. While drawing strength from the earlier edition, this revised edition of Maths Zone tries to make a difference with its new features urging the students to explore beyond the boundaries of textual knowledge.

Key Features

Exercises and Revision Exercise within each chapter to recall and revise the concepts learnt
Mental Maths to help practise calculation skills and deductive reasoning
Maths Lab Activity to test skills of investigation, observation and deduction
Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to sharpen the thinking skills
Worksheets to reinforce practice with fun exercises
Summary (for Classes 6 to 8) to provide the gist of the chapter for quick revision
Practice Worksheets at the end of the book for additional practice
International Mathematics Olympiad’s latest paper to help students prepare for competitive exams

About The Series Editors

K. G. Jeyalakshmi has taught mathematics for more than two decades at Vidyamandir Senior Secondary School, Chennai. She is passionate about using technology for making the learning of maths easy and enjoyable for children.

Taruni Soin has taught mathematics for nearly four decades in various schools including Springdales School and Sanskriti School in Delhi. A recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Award for Teachers, presently sheteaches at Suncity World School, Gurgaon.

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