Knowledge Whizz

Knowledge Whizz is a series of general knowledge books that train students to acquire and retain knowledge consciously. In this digital age, knowledge is available everywhere, not just in books. How to source, assimilate and recall knowledge is a skill that can be learned! This unique series rewards inquisitiveness and helps learners to not just know a variety of subjects or understand phenomena but imbibe values, environmental temper and build intelligence quotient through uniquely designed tasks.

Key Features
Varied tasks covering a wide range of topics with special
focus on India
Multiple Intelligence tasks encourage different learners to learn in their own way
HOTS develops critical thinking to evaluate and assimilate
Values focuses on inculcating values and the right attitude
Life Skills helps learners to tackle real-life situations
Green Earth helps promote conservation of environment amongst learners
Olympics Special seeks to make learners aware of and interested in the Olympic Games
Cool Facts, Cool Activity, Cool Quiz and Quiz Yourself make learning interactive
• Attractively designed and illustrated with learner-friendly layout
Current Affairs updates and quizzes are available online at

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