Tune In!

Tune In! is an innovative course in listening and speaking skills designed to train students to listen more attentively and speak eeffectively. The course uses a step-by-step practical approach to help students prepare for the Assessment of Speaking and Listening. It aims to boost confidence in students and help them gain communicative competence for real-world language use. The materials are extremely easy to use for both
teachers and students.

Key features
The books in the Tune In! series enable learners to:
• Listen, understand and respond appropriately to a range of spoken English in academic, personal and social contexts
• Use English accurately, appropriately and idiomatically in communicative situations
• Use correct pronunciation, intonation, stress and pause
• Develop fluency by enriching the fund of context-specific vocabulary and phrases
• Feel condent about speaking in English in a variety of situations and contexts.

DVD for Students Contains:

•Interactive e-book with audio, video and interactivities
•Level appropriate Collins dictionary

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