English Alive

English Alive is a multi-skill course in English that uses innovative teaching and learning methods.
The series teaches communicative English through interactive exchanges using a cross-curricular approach. It offers high-quality English language materials for CBSE schools with clearly defined learning objectives. The series strictly adheres to the guidelines laid down in the latest National Curriculum Framework.

Key Features
Warm-up: A wide variety of fun activities and probing questions that arouse students’ curiosity
Reading Comprehension: Well-chosen selections from various literary genres followed by factual, inferential, extrapolative, and value-based questions
Life Skills and Values: A separate thematic section aimed at developing good character in students
Vocabulary: Explanations for all new vocabulary topics followed by a variety of exercises
Grammar: Grade-appropriate grammar taught with detailed
explanations followed by exercises
Listening and Speaking: A wide variety of communicative
activities that also cover pronunciation
Writing: A well-graded section with a wide variety of creative- writing exercises
Activities: A collaborative fun activity with each poem
Projects: Well-designed projects that cover cross-curricular topics

About The Series Editor

Renu Viswanath, the former headmistress of Mother’s International
School, New Delhi, is the Series Editor for the course. She has over
two decades of rich experience of teaching English across primary
and middle school levels.

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