Bright Readers

As all teachers know, reading is one of the best ways a child can improve his or her English-language skills. Collins Bright Readers is a series of graded readers that encourage children to read and that support them as they develop their reading skills. Each book contains a collection of stories that children will find interesting and that will help them learn new words and grammar, and that will consolidate the language they already know. The series contains both fiction and non-fiction titles.
  • Graded readers for Primer to Grade 5
  • All titles contain activity pages to reinforce the concepts learnt
  • All titles contain ideas for project work that encourage the child to think about what he or she has read, developing essential skills for CCE and cross-curricular learning
  • All titles contain guidance on strategies on teaching reading skills
  • Fiction titles also encourage reading for pleasure
  • Non-fiction titles help children learn more about the world and their place in it

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