Ready, Steady, Go!

Ready, Steady, Go! is a three-level, multi-component course for pre primary students. It is a cohesive course designed to develop the basic skills of language and numeracy at the pre-primary level. The course has been created keeping children at the core of the learning process. The series includes books on English, Mathematics, Art and Craft as well as Environmental Science (EVS) for Nursery, Lower and Upper KG.

Key Features
Activity-based lessons (one-page lessons) ensure better learning for children
ABCH module helps the teacher assign lessons either as Assessment
(A), Classwork (C) or Homework (H). Children earn themselves Brownie points (B) by completing extra work on their own.
Facilitator pages provide suggestions for hands-on, visual,
kinesthetic and tactile activities that address the multiple intelligence
of children
Teachers and Parents section provides tips for teaching the concept in an interactive manner

The entire package for each level comprises a set of classbooks, workbooks, ashcards and posters. Along with these, there are also a set of books on rhymes, cursive writing, and art and craft for each class.

A year’s coursework is divided into parts which not only makes school bags lighter, but also helps ease the burden on the child, enhances mastery, making learning enjoyable and fun.

For each level, the colourful workbooks are mapped to the classbooks. Built-in processes meet objectives of an eective, personalized and creative education for any size of a classroom.

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