Easy Learning

Easy Learning

• build counting skills
• boost confidence
• develop a love of learning

Designed to give children a real sense of achievement, easy learning practice books improve essential skills through activity-packed fun.

The colourful, motivating activities help to boost confidence and develop good learning habits for life.

Answers and parents’ notes are included to help you to support your
child’s learning at home.

Key Features

• Activity notes: Suggest additional activities and encourage discussion on what your child has learnt
• Tracing activities: Help you to talk to your child about the shape of each letter and number, and the pencil movement as the child traces over it
• Parents’ notes: Divided into ‘What you need to know’, which explain the key subject idea, and ‘Taking it further’, which suggest activities and encourage discussion with your child on what they have learnt
• Certficate: Placed at the end of the book, this should be used to reward
your child for their effort and achievement; remember to give them plenty of praise and encouragement, regardless of how they do

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