Science Now Revised Edition

Science Now Revised Edition is a series of eight books for Classes 1 to 8. This series conforms to
the vision of the National Curriculum Framework. It follows a coherent and structured approach, which provides a seamless continuity in the science curriculum for classes 1 to 8, and even thereafter. This revised edition retains the focus of the original, where development of lateral thinking, analytical, research and deduction skills in students were encouraged.

  • Revise and Recall, Think and Answer test application of the concepts learned.
  • Science in Context gives interesting extra information on the topic being discussed.
  • Summaryprovides snapshot of the chapter content which helps students in quick revision.
  • Cross-curricular learning link integrates knowledge across subjects.
  • Life Skillstest awareness, empathy and attitude towards self and others.
  • Relevantactivitieshone experimental and deduction skills.
  • Projectquestions link the concept learned to real-life applications.
  • Worksheetsprovide pictorial exercises at the end of each chapter.
  • Latest National Science Olympiad paper helps students to prepare for competitive examinations.

About Series Editor
Dr Geetha Iyer, Former Head of Sahyadri School KFI, Pune, is an author, a naturalist and consultant in the twin fields of education and environment. She is a curriculum specialist with many years of experience in concept development and regularly conducts workshops on all aspects of teaching science.

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