Maths Matters

Maths Matters is a series of eight books for Classes 1 to 8, written with the aim of developing thinking and reasoning skills in
students. The books for the primary school follow a universal approach whereas the middle school books are based on the
syllabus prescribed by the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education. Maths Matters enables students to comprehend the application of mathematics in real life. In addition, the coherent and structured approach is valuable for teachers as it helps the lesson flow from one level to the next. Sufficient number of solved examples, exercises and mental maths questions are provided to ensure a holistic grasp of the mathematical thought processes.

Key Features

Mental Maths to hone the calculation skills and logical reasoning
Hints and Tips for better conceptual understanding
Try These to test student’s understanding of the concept
Note brings the focus to certain important points
Remember to highlight key points of the concept discussed
Exercise to revise the concepts just learnt
Revision Exercise given at the end of each chapter for a review of the concepts covered in that chapter
Summary to provide the gist of the chapter for quick revision
For the Curious Mind in every chapter to challenge to think beyond the textual knowledge
Project to extend the concept learnt to real – life applications
Worksheet to reinforce practice with fun exercise
Mixed Review to provide cumulative revision after every few chapters
Test Papers at the end of the book to comprehensively check the knowledge Maths Matters

About Authors

Mona Jhunjhunwala teaches mathematics at The Heritage School, Kolkata and has several years of experience in teaching students at the middle school level. She constantly endeavours to teach mathematical concepts in child-friendly
and lucid ways, helping students develop an interest in the subject.

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