Engaging English

Engaging English is a language learning course, which aims to impart communicative competence through an understanding and appreciation of literature. The course comprises coursebooks and workbooks, designed carefully to build confidence in using English accurately and effortlessly.
The Coursebooks contain carefully selected, thematically-oriented reading texts, including classics of English literature as well as well-known pieces from contemporary international and Indian writings. These pieces are contextually engaged for introducing learners to different aspects of language learning and helping them learn, practise and gain confidence in using English in the real world.

Key Features

Comprehension checks factual inferential, analytical, interpretative and evaluative skills
Literary terms, Did You Know?, Wordwise and Read More provide additional information
Way with Words helps enrich vocabulary
Grammar in Use imparts formal understanding of language structures
Study Skills teaches dictionary usage, phonics and spelling
Listening and Speaking develops oral and aural skills
Pen it Down trains learners to express themselves creatively, logically and coherently
Be Creative! and Write revisits the themes covered in each unit
Read More suggests additional reading texts that enrich the student’s literary experience

About Series Editors

Ruby Bose has been teaching English for more than a decade at The Heritage School, Kolkata.

Anju Gupta is an ELT author and materials developer.

Preeti Roychoudhury has been teaching English for nearly two decades in Loreto House, Kolkata.

Sadeqa Rahman Siddiqui has been teaching English for a decade at La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata.

Somali Mitra teaches English in Modern High School, Kolkata. She has more than ten years of experience as a teacher.

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