Collins English Grammar and Composition

Collins English Grammar and Composition is a carefully graded series spanning eight levels, which aims to enable learners to master the rules of the English language so that they can use it with ease.

• A Self-assessment Test helps the learner determine the learner’s competency level
Let’s Get Started acts as an introduction to the topic
Denitions of key grammar terms are given in simple, clear language
Grammar Bytes highlight additional facts related to the topic
Watch Out! lists common errors and exceptions to rules
• Extensive exercises and practice drills reinforce concept acquisition
Don’t Forget! does a quick recap of the important points in the unit
Let Us Write includes guided and independent writing tasks related to the unit
• Three periodic Tests help learners evaluate their progress
• The comprehension and composition units hone reading and writing skills
Grammar on the Go revisits important grammar concepts by focusing on usage
Vocabulary units cover common usage structures encountered in speech and writing

About The Authors

Hemalatha Nagarajan is a Professor at the English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, and has authored several books on grammar. She has more than 25 years of experience in teaching and research.
Prachi Deva is a teacher of English and has taught in junior and middle school for over a decade. Her areas of interest include the teaching of grammar, and literature.
Catherine Meryl Nongrum has taught English for over a decade at various schools, including Loreto Convent, St Edmund’s School and St Mary’s College in Shillong. She has also been the Principal of Loreto Convent.
K. Padmini Shankar is a Professor at EFLU, Hyderabad. She has taught at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels for over two decades. Her research interests include classroom-based research and teacher training.
Preeti Roychoudhury has taught English for two decades in Loreto House, Kolkata. She currently teaches in Calcutta International School.

About The Series Editor

Samson Thomas is a Professor of English at EFLU, Hyderabad. He has authored several English language books. His areas of interest include English language education, training and development.

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