Knowledge Whizz books 1-8 is a series of general knowledge books that train students to acquire and retain knowledge consciously. In this digital age, knowledge is available everywhere, not just in books. How to source, assimilate and recall knowledge is a skill that can be learned! This unique series rewards inquisitiveness and helps learners to not just know a variety of subjects or understand phenomena but imbibe values, environmental temper and build intelligence quotient through uniquely designed tasks.

About Authors

Kunal Savarkar is a well-known quizmaster in the country. With his easygoing, encouraging and entertaining style, he has created and conducted over a thousand quizzes all over the country, including the CBSE Heritage India Quiz.

Seema Chari conducts knowledge and language workshops, writes, directs plays and hosts quiz shows with equal panache. She enjoys training teachers and has over two decades of teaching experience in some of the top universities in the country.

Kunal Savarkar & Seema Chari are founders of Xpress Minds Edutainment which runs the popular online quizzing portal where users can access hundreds of online quizzes on diverse subjects and themes.

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