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Click on a year to find out key milestones in Collins’ long history.

  • 1819

    Collins founded in Glasgow by William Collins.

  • 1821

    First Collins schoolbook published: A System of Commercial Arithmethic for Use in Schools and Private Families.

  • 1824

    First Donnegan's Greek and English Lexicon (dictionary) published.

  • 1825

    Cartographers John Bartholomew & Son founded in Edinburgh.

  • 1840

    irst illustrated dictionaries published.

  • 1862

    William Collins appointed publisher to the Scottish School Book Association; followed by an invitation to be publisher for Irish National Schools.

  • 1865

    Collins publishes 55 atlases and 100 wall maps for the mass market

  • 1875

    Collins buys out the Scottish School Book Association; there are now 920 schoolbooks in the catalogue.

  • 1902

    First Collins English gem dictionary published; the bilingual gem dictionaries follow in the 1920s.

  • 1907

    Collins atlases and dictionaries form part of the Penny Library for schools.

  • 1914

    Queer Things - Lessons of various conditions of plant, animal and insect life - published.

  • 1945

    New Naturalist Nature Guides launches with Butterflies by Dr E B Ford and London's Natural History by R S R Fitter.

  • 1965

    First Collins European Atlases published.

  • 1970

    First Collins Revision book published: Practice in the Basic Skills.

  • 1971

    Collins publishes the first comprehensive bilingual dictionary.

  • 1973

    First Collins Road Atlas published, based on the Mobil Road Map Seies, first published in 1961.

  • 1987

    Collins creates COBUILD database with the University of Birmingham, the first database containing evidence of how English is used for learners of English.

  • 1989

    Collins and Bartholomew becomes part of HarperCollins Publishers.

  • 2010

    Collins acquires Letts & Lonsdale, and Folens Primary.

  • 2011

    Collins launches www.collinsdictionary.com, the largest authoritative online dictionary to consider word submissions from the public.

  • 2012

    Atlas by Collins app launched.


William Collins’ dream of ‘knowledge for all’ began with the publication of his first book in 1819. Since then, Collins has published some of the world’s most prestigious and well-known reference and school books. Collins is an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers worldwide, part of News Corp. The Collins brand encompasses an extensive range of education resources for ELT (English Language Teaching), Mathematics, Science, Computer Science as well as market-leading dictionaries, atlases and support materials for teachers. It aims to give teachers everything they need to teach today, in a way that is fully supported and is clear for students to use.
Session 2014-15 has been a remarkable year for us and we reached out to more than 1400 schools and 8000+ teachers across India. Our avant-garde text books created a buzz in the education industry and have been appreciated by all.Our enviable range of thoroughly up-to-date dictionaries witnessed overwhelming response across India. Our Junior Illustrated Dictionary, Primary Illustrated Dictionary and Cobuild Learner’s Illustrated Dictionary received huge response from all the prestigious schools. Collins Essential School Dictionary, Gem English Dictionary and our bilingual dictionaries viz. Essential French Dictionary, Essential Spanish Dictionary, and Gem Dictionaries for each of these languages also got exceptional response all over India

For the new school term in 2016, Collins brings to you high-quality courses for progressive schools across all education boards. Our latest range of new titles include Engaging English, Science Panorama, Maths Matters, Expeditions, Visions, Knowledge Whizz, Switch On and Updated Computer World for grades 1 to 8. These courses for ELT, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, EVS, GK, Value Education and Computer Science have been designed to meet the latest CBSE/ICSE or State Boards requirements. We have also introduced Practice Books for Mathematics and Mental Maths.

We are also pleased to present to you Collins DigiSuite, our digital learning platform, which contains four modules delivering classroom content that can be used to effectively integrate teaching and evaluation tools with the course books. We have also included level appropriate Collins dictionaries as a part of the Digisuite.

We are fully committed to the publication of academic resources of the highest quality and we constantly strive to deliver products that can cater to the changing classroom environment. Through our range of innovative professional development programs, we wish to support educators in delivering exceptional educational experience for students—both within the classroom and beyond.